Posted by: cynchat | August 15, 2012

Make It a Game –

…maybe like “Hide & Seek” … doing both, alternately.  I get SO excited with everything I learn on Pinterest, and by the time I decide that I needed to blog about it, I’ll already seen so much (that I really did want to share) that I can’t decide which tidbits are best.  Today, I’m going to make it a game! 

Already on Pinterest, I’ve gotten a recipe for Pimento Chips, they call a cross between chips and cheese sticks.  Great!  I love both!!  So I’m thinking about those as a gift with a batch of Artichoke Dip. Oh, I wish I had some now.  I printed off the recipe, so I’m one step closer to making some of those. 

Then I pinned a “Caterpillar Cake” tutorial…. that reminds me of all the cute whimsical birthday cakes I baked for my kids when they were little.  Love remembering fun times and smiley sweet little faces!

Next someone pinned Paris in Autumn showing an aerial view of both the Eifel Tower and the bridge, arrayed in gorgeous colors.  My mind wanders to my fall trip of the east coast in the fall, with lobster in Maine, seeing covered bridges and buying maple syrup in New Hampshire, into Vermont…the breath-taking views.  Perfect weather and “gorgeous” as far as we could see.  The natives called the changing colors “cusping!”  Seeing Vermont in the fall had always been my lifetime desire!  I’m so glad I got to actually DO it. …and much more.

Living in the moment, and treasuring it is the way I choose to live.  I don’t want to “miss” ANYTHING.  Each new day brings me many new delights.  This is MY life,,,the “game” I’m playing.  Now it’s my turn to go seek some more “treasures” on Pinterest!

Bless you ALL this  GORGEOUS day!


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