Posted by: cynchat | August 1, 2012


Peanut Stew – well, have you EVER heard about it?  I hadn’t. And it would never have indepently crossed my mind to give any thought to that subject!  Just printed it out and put it in my “Try it” pile.  I’m getting a substantial pile…ha.

That’s why I’m addicted to Pinterest!  I can hardly wait to pull up Pinterest and see what my newest thought creation might be.  This morning it was “Peanut Stew.” 

Education and entertainment together…wow. 

The Olympics are always amazing, and I do enjoy watching them….hoping our people win. They have all prepared so hard to be one of the participants.  They all have a great future ahead of them.

The sad part, to me, was that “America’s Got Talent” wasn’t on last night.  I’m hoping we don’t miss any of that, because they all have painfully prepared too.  Oops, I just remembered that new show with Dr. Oz in ER was on at 9 last night and I forgot to turn the channel. I enjoy learning from Dr. Oz too.

I’m all for anything on TV that is wholesome entertainment that doesn’t erode Christian morals. Think that’s why I prefer talent competitions to suspense shows.  Love comedies…I want to be relaxed and enjoy a few chuckles.

After coffee with Joyce Meyer in the mornings, I switch to the country music station to hear in the background.

Guess it’s a wrap now for CynChat; time for more coffee now and to check back in with Pinterest!

Blessings & have a great day!


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