Posted by: cynchat | July 28, 2012

Cinnamon Roll Cake!

Think I’ve pinned it twice now, but I am REALLY going to bake that cake one of these days!

Recently I started crocheting again, just to see if I still could… I practiced awhile, then crocheted a round rug….interesting only to me I’m sure, the color I picked up is Kansas City Wheat. …it is the color of wheat with a few flecks of other colors. Now I’m considering adding fringe…first I probably should decide what I intend to do with the rug….maybe?

BUT, my newest intriguing Pinterest finds have been reconstructed t-shirts! I found one that flows gracefully from both shoulders in uneven ripples…really cool. But I’m so glad there was a video…..and I watched it several times to really understand. I WILL do that one!

Earlier, on a Rachel Ray Show I’d seen a couple t-shirt things to do…and I did one of those….you just cut straight down the center front, then the front corners are loose and longer and it’s a little jacket. It took just the right shirt to cut up for that one to work. When I finally found the right shirt, I did this one, and it worked very well!

The other earlier one I’d seen was to make a scarf. First cut off the top part under the sleeves; that part isn’t used. Then the hem is now the top so it even has a finished edge. Cut stripes about 1/2 inch wide and up about 6 inches. Then pull to stretch and separate the strands…and there it is. Finished product. Gather it up, slip over your head and arrange it to flow properly. The one they did on that show wound up being too bulky, so I decided it needed a softer lighter weight top to start with. Then my problem was finding tops I was actually willing to cut up after I found them! ha, see how I am. So one of these days I will find just the right one I’m willing to cut up, and I WILL do this one too.

Now on Pinterest I’m seeing these neat scarves that look to combine braiding with fringing….so I’m off on that search to gather up all the pix and patterns that might work to try those! I’m still looking for one I didn’t get pinned but saw it a couple times. Think I pinned a few as “Artistic Ideas”, and “Free Things” that gave a tutorial.

Amazingly, THIS project is a heavy special yarn throw with such a large weave we use hands to “crochet” it!

I just posted the link on Twitter….and my tweets show here on the right side…you can grab it there.

I’ll need to watch it a dozen times, then research to find that yarn….hopefully on Ebay or someplace not too expensive. These would make fantastic, unique Christmas gifts. I’m thinking the pattern could also be used for versions of scarves I like.

Meanwhile, it’s still hot here in KS, so I gave myself the excuse that it’s too hot to bake today, I’ll put the recipe on hold, and get back to Pinning!



  1. A good friend takes different colored sheets she finds at thrift stores, tears/cuts them into strips and crochets them into really cute oval, round or square rugs. Don’t know how hard it is on the hands to create them. They are quite popular.

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