Posted by: cynchat | July 19, 2012

I’m Addicted to Pinterest!

Love, love, love, love pinterest!  I’m learning SO much.

I start out seeing what followers have pinned since I was last there that I want to repin.  I have 20 boards now….actually 22 with the two new group boards I was invited to join.  I’m “liking “things that may become another board when I’m ready.  Am sure I will add one for Autumn, for the Halloween and Thanksgiving info. Already started a Christmas board because people are starting to share some really good things to remember.  I have a board for Artistic Ideas…. fantastic creations the stir my brain; Good Thinking…..with tidbits of helpful info.  Free Things….tutorials, printables, all sorts of neat things.  Travel with pix of interesting places around the world….these all have location mentions.  Beauty of Nature…gorgeous colors that delight my soul.  Come to My Kitchen…food creations that I would actually make.  Doors & Unique Dwellings… just that! …I’d never stopped to think about doors until I discovered so many “awesome” ones, and tiny unusual dwellings, thatched roofs, cool door knobs and door knockers…and it’s interesting to me that lots of other people are interested in seeing unique doors too!  Trolls have a special place in my heart, and if you scroll down to my first entry, it explains why.  Pinterest brings me pinson topics I’ve indicated that I would like to see…..we can choose from any topics.

I browse through the “Popular” – finding new ones to follow.  I check my boards to see if I have new followers, then check their boards to select those that most interest me.  Some people have 200 boards and they don’t all appeal to me.  Then I choose another name on top and look at their boards, and so on for a few.  Sometimes I view “Other”  or DIY, or whatever intrests me at the moment.  Oh, I also have a board for Technology…with new science info and another one for Luxury….it’s fun to see how the wealthy enjoy life, yachts, homes, private planes…I can escape from my reality for a few minutes.  Then I’m back to learning things, and finding ways to improve my current lifestyle!

One day I may find myself “pinning doors” and the next day “pinning hearts” …oh, that’s another one of my boards.  Anyway – Pinterest is Fun….and very personal!  You ARE invited –  Come pin with me!



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