Posted by: cynchat | April 22, 2012

Did You Know…..

…(according to an interesting webinar I viewed) that you can purchase a “Magic Jack” phone for about $19.95 a year at WalMart (or possibly other places too)…then you can forward your expensive cellphones and services to it.  The mentor indicated that he does his business outsourcing to people in the southern half of the Phillippines and has them do services for him and connects inexpensively that way using Magic Jack and Skype.  Just something to consider.

I was doing online research today to learn about writing ebooks and selling them with Kindle through Amazon.  I learned alot, but still have much to learn!

In that process I discovered a fabulous FREE application that I downloaded.  It will cover some of my missing components.  It is http://www.Open  

I’m so behind the times, that fiverr is new to me!   Did you know about it yet?  Lots of info in there.  People post what they would do for you for $5. and you pay with Paypal.  Others post what they would like someone to do and is willing to pay them $5.   And…it’s just a fun site to browse!

I will continue to post my FREE E-books for you on Twitter.  When I post there it is shared here and on LinkedIn.  Haven’t decided yet which one to share with you today…but there will be one.


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