Posted by: cynchat | April 17, 2012

Relativity –

WHERE does time go?  I hear people saying this all the time….and I do too!  “The faster I go, the behinder I get!”  ha  And everyday, while we each have the same number of minutes in our day, I find that by evening I’m feeling that there is so much MORE I’m needing to learn – wanting to know.  I really wish I could open the top of my head and pour in knowledge! 

I started my online adventure when the college library was the only source of internet connection around here…that was 1991.  My server is now across the state and has changed hands four time, but I’ve intentionally kept the service so I could keep my original email address.  Yes, I’ve been online for a very long time.  What I see is that technology has kicked into high gear… marketing has passed through various stages of development.  I’m grateful to see new science and technology has taken flight!  As quickly as an electronic product is purchased it is obsolete. 

Time travel sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?  If choosing a time I’d like to live, I choose the future.  I enjoy comfort too much to want to live in any of the past.

I’m excited about all the new options around us.  Just saw a car that can fly!  I’d love to have a vehicle that I could just program in my destination and take a nap…..wouldn’t that be cool?  I’m always telling the kids I just want to be able to transport myself to where they are……they say that would be frightening.  I’m sure we’ll get to the Jetson stage, and how fun it will be.  I hope technology starts “zooming” and that I’ll be around a few more decades to be able to marvel at the wonders of it all!  We’ll probably reminence about “the olden days” with flatscreen TV’s, and microwave ovens…that people actually “cooked” meals.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to restrain my rush to know how to do all these NEW phases of online technology, and focus on just one system at a time.  It is a daily dilemma as I check my Facebook, and my Twitter, and find something else I want to know about and take off in a different direction.  I’m enjoying ALL of it!

Right now I’m not “sure” which I should concentrate on first.  I’m just trying to make some money online…as is everyone else.  So which method if quicker, or better?  It takes TIME to sort…and lots of coffee! 

Try something “different” today; go out of your way to be kind to someone today.  Breathe deeply!

Treasure every moment of this wondrous day!



  1. When you take that leap into the future…please send me a message. I want to know if there is still an IRS or have peeps awaken to a flat tax of some sort. Too bogged down in rendereing unto Caesar these days. MERCY!!

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