Posted by: cynchat | February 29, 2012

Like a Kid in a Candy Store!

Yes, I’m learning…..learning…..learning ALOT!  I’m like a kid in the candy store.  There is SO much I want to see, to study, to learn.  In the “olden days” my Dad was walking with my niece in Duckwall’s (remember those?) as they passed the candy counter she was gazing at the chocolates. Daddy told her he wasn’t buying any. Sherry said, “Okay. But aren’t they pretty?”  And of course she was so sweet he couldn’t resist.

I’m determined to FIND the counter of FREE treats – being the marketing applications, sites and tools that we can use, even if we are pinching pennies, to create an online income source that will pay the bills and allow me to live without the money stress.  Some people don’t need to market on a shoestring, but at this point, I do.  So, I haven’t been blogging so much as I am out here “rooting around” to gauge what is happening now as technology advances so rapidly. 

I’m finding a sub-culture of technical genuises in the computer realm. They are young, and VERY sharp.  Wizards actually, able to create and utilize aspects of “surfing” the net I can’t begin to fathom. While it is all so simple to them, I still need my grandkids to re-set electronic gadgets I’ve managed to mess up somehow.

I have found a couple guru’s who have compiled their goals with technology to create warehouses of tools to quickly determine “what’s hot”, who wants to buy what and when, built robots to gather all that info quickly, to write the script that would be best for selling each product, and even been able to build in money saving offers for their prospects. Robots and Spiders pick “everything” merchants need to know.

The whole scientific world has changed!  We’re not in Kansas anymore!!  WELL, actually I AM —still in Kansas, feeling antiquated and behind the times. There is SO much to sort through, trying to be the best and FREE if possible or at least in realistic price range for me.  Some want around $1,000. for their program and mentoring. I must keep looking.

Sadly, I have discovered a few “ruthless” individual who still use methods of stealing commissions, etc. from other people….and think it is fair game.  But there is plenty of money to be made for everyone – new options are created everyday.  So we’ll each need to decide independently.

If you are just getting started and plan to use Clickbank, start with a fresh new account.  CB now has a new platform to create jumbled links for you, to cut down on theft, and you’ll want to use that feature. Please be sure to use a link shortener, and there are several good ones. I personally am currently using  The site for using admits they links are reused, and you will definitely want to test your links to be sure they’re going to the right place.

Currently, I’m posting on  the really interesting sites I discover through the day as I get them. 

There are SO many new products and sources, and marketing tools, and amazing topics, and the days are zooming!  This morning my plan was to study the new FREE apps I downloaded yesterday…and I’m very anxious to see how they all work.  I’ve found dropshippers, and wholesalers, merchants and vendors with everything anybody could possibly want.  I need to SLOW DOWN, and FOCUS.  I know I need to do that….but I’m still scattered.  Checking my Yahoo email led me off a bit to be amazed with the possibility of dual realities, and notice there are a couple video training classes to observe.  No, no, no…focus, one thing at a time, woman!  (It’s already nearly 2 p.m….I’m hungry, tired, and haven’t really accomplished anything yet!) 

OKHere is the best FREE thing I have learned so far and I’m giving it to you!  Here is your FREE GIFT:  Your very own FREE Traffic Robot   Go – enjoy!  The amazing huge first part has several bots that are all FREE.  There are upgrades when we finish learning all this, but that will take awhile.  Oh, isn’t this fun?  (And fun is a state of mind, you know.)

Have a great day!



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