Posted by: cynchat | April 2, 2010

April Fools Day –

It’s almost an April Fool’s Day trick that I’m actually getting here to post since it’s been awhile.  APRIL FOOL’S DAY was my Dad’s favorite day!  He had a fantastic sense of humor. We could all plan on being pranked and schemed our own pranks, trying to see if we could be the first prank of the fun day.  So this days always brings warm memories for me. 

I think my best prank on him ever was to swap sugar and salt in the containers.  I don’t remember his funniest on me because there were several every year.  This morning I called my sister in NE, to say “Well, Mother Nature got to fool all of us today with this snow”  and  asked how much they got.  A small pause before she said…”April Fool!”… I didn’t get her, but she stopped to think about it for a minute.

So whatever it takes to add a little laughter to life, because laughter really IS good medicine.  Say well; be happy, and enjoy this fun day!


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