Posted by: cynchat | March 19, 2010

It’s Spring; definitely spring –

Mother Nature is PMSing!  Yesterday it was 70 degrees and gorgeous – this morning it’s overcast, damp, 32 degrees and snow is predicted for tonight.  I saw a robin a few days ago, the elm trees are developing buds, and I read a tweet that the crocus are in bloom (don’t know where that was, or what that flower is), but all signs of spring.  It has been a mild winter actually, but I’m still ready for spring!  Time change was early, and Easter is 4/4 this year….it seems we are all ready to be “refreshed” by the lovely scents and expanding colors.  TV just said spring actually starts tomorrow – that’s the 20th. 

So my question remains…did March come in like a lamb or a lion, and how will it leave?  Still undetermined since there is still 1/3 of the month to go.  Meanwhile, I’ll just enjoy whatever is!  As the little boy said, “You can’t judge a day by the weather!


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