Posted by: cynchat | March 19, 2010

Interesting Products –

As a cancer survivor, I’m open to new ideas that might help stimulate health and well-being.  A couple months ago I found a link to BSkinny Coffee, which was to cause weightloss while just drinking coffee.  Seems like a good idea, right?  I ordered their “sample” first to test it.  And yuk!  Not only was the bag of coffee expensive, but it tasted terrible (to me) because I AM a lover of real coffee and there was no comparison.  That one didn’t pass my test!

Then I found Stem Enhance, which is a capsule that stimulates an increase in my own stem cells within my bone marrow then releases them in the blood stream and distributes them to the weaker locations in my body.  The products are sold MLM and can be on auto-ship.  I actually LIKE this product and feeling benefits from it.  IF I were to “join” the program I would want to work it with a heavy hitter.  They have several products, and monthly purchases are required as a member.   HOWEVER, since I’m not in a rush, and like to “test” things first, and secondly I’m not financially ready, I found this product on Ebay.  I order just one bottle at a time (a month’s supply) and it costs me about $15. less that purchasing from the company as a member. 

Next, I researched Quinoa and found it at my local health store.  A bag is about $12.  The purpose of this product is to adjust your diet to utilize it….the more you eat of it in place of less nutrient rich foods.   It must be rinsed before cooked because of a coating.  I DO really like it!  However, I don’t intend to adjust all my meals around it.  There ARE a couple recipe books for it on Amazon, and free recipes online.  I have a Porridge breakfast recipe that is good; have found it is very good in soups and casseroles.  It has a nutty flavor that I really enjoy, so I DO plan to add it to my diet as often as possible.  Not a major adjustment to my life, so do-able.

Most recently I’ve come across Amtech….an established international quantum physics company that is also MLM, has a monthly auto-ship program, with several awesome products. (Actually, I want them all!)  The website leaves alot to be desired, in my opinion, but some of the Diamond Members are creating teams, and I’d want to work with one of them if I had the funds and desired to participate now.

HOWEVER, their most intriguing product is the “Zero Point Energy Wand”  (which is rather expensive) but many testamonials reveal amazing pain relief using it.   There are also pendants, bracelets, water units, etc.  Since I always want to “test first” I look for the cheapest authentic versions.  Once again, I found it on Ebay…at a price I was willing to pay….from a merchant who is buying in bulk!

My wand and pendant arrived today, my mug arrived earlier.  I am very eager to try them to see for myself what they actually do for ME.  Of course I’ll share my thoughts, so keep watching my blog.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to report fantastic results soon! 

Meanwhile, browse my twitter lists to find interesting peeps with mutual interests.  Check my “Favorites” for highlighted links.  Click my weblink on Twitter and click through all the websites on my free rotator…and pick up a free rotator for all your links, a free website, or/& a free blog.  Enjoy!


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