Posted by: cynchat | February 25, 2010

The Question –

Yesterday my sister asked “Has your life turned out the way you wanted?”

Startling.  Definitely something to think about. 

My answer – “No.  But the parts that are amiss are my own fault.”

And you?  “In some ways yes, some ways no.” she responded.

She wished she had known there were “Art Schools” and not just art classes in college.  As kids she sat around sketching alot, and she was very good.  When she went to enroll for college there were only commercial art classes available.  That wasn’t what she wanted.  She instead went to Cosmotology School.  Years later she found mentors and learned the type of painting she wanted to do…she enjoys that now, but feels she wasted many years she could have been painting had she know about the “options.”

We discussed the missing elements in our lives, and determined that we need to be sure we are encouraging young people to find the resources to start living their dreams early in life!

Her question was a good one.  I asked it of my daughter and both granddaughters.  It gave us all a reason to stop and analyze (again) what it is we really DO want from life, and to remind ourselves that we can always maneuver to be on our desired course whenever we find we have gone a bit off track.

Think about it….what DO you want?  Really, really want?  Are you on the right path, or do you need to make adjustments.  It’s never too late to change course!  Awareness is the golden key!!


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