Posted by: cynchat | February 19, 2010

Sad –

So saddened to hear the news of the Engineer who flew his plane into the IRS building in Austin, TX.   He was a brilliant man, well educated, owned his own plane, described as an expert pilot.

He was obviously stressed to his snapping point.  Sad because he’d lost all hope.  Sad for many reasons, including the fact that others, and property were damaged.

I read his letter.  He didn’t seem to be a “weirdo”….that he knew exactly what he was doing, but felt he had no recourse.  Basically he seemed to want us to know his life had meaning and purpose.  He’d most likely voiced his concerns to everyone who would listen…but nobody was really “hearing” him! 

Most often those in distress DO emit distress signals.  Those who talk about committing suicide ARE the ones who do it!

I am sad for the man, his loved ones, those he tried to express his anguish to and reached out to for help….but didn’t observe HOW tense he was.  Those close to him will now always wonder what they could have/should have done to help him.  At least, I hope, they won’t just write it off as “who knew” and continue on the same path.

People are HURTING, and hurting people hurt people! 

Awareness is a huge, and valuable key.  We ARE our brother’s keepers. 

Our whole country is hurting!  My heart hurts every time I hear we lost another soldier…our babies.  My heart hurts when we hear about child molesters.  My heart hurts when I see children going to school in the snow wearing tennis shoes and a sweatjacket for a coat….when TV says please give a food item at the grocery store for children who won’t have enough food on weekends.  This is in OUR country….the greatest country in the world.  But we are falling short as a nation.  Somehow we must do more. 

It seems that we are all disgusted that our government is SO top heavy, and helping those who don’t need help.  Yesterday came the announcement that Obama has named two men to cut expenses, and stated that “nothing is off limits.”  The reporter asked if that meant they may cut Social Security?  Oh, sure….that would be the obvious answer….take MORE away from poor people who are struggling. 

How about this – take back the raises that congress gave themselves this year while stating that social security recipients weren’t getting an increase because there was no cost of living increase, in spite of the fact that premiums went up.  Why did members of congress hold their meeting in Hawaii?  Why did Polosi and her family jet off to Denmark at public expense? 

IF, we the people, actually DO elect members of congress…. why would we want ANY of them now “serving”  to continue?  Looks to me like they are just “serving” themselves! 

Has congress finally gotten the message – we are angry, and we ARE NOT stupid.  We will be looking for NEW congress people who are willing to eliminate the lobbyists, reduce wages and perks.  If they feel Social Security is an “unnecessary entitlement” they should live on it!  If these people work FOR US, why have they ordained themselves to be as ROYALTY above us?

There is SO much pain all around us.   We ALL have an obligation – to love more – to listen – to help those who need a helping hand in every way we can.  God Bless each one of us – and God Bless America!  Let’s start with putting God back where He belongs!


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