Posted by: cynchat | February 8, 2010

Quinoa (keen-wah)-What??

What is the world is Quinoa?  Actually, I learned about it on the Oprah Show when Dr. Oz was informing us about Diabetes.  Diabetes is the silent killer in America. We consume several more pounds of sugar per person now than ever before.  Weight gain is hazardous to our health!  I have a sister with diabetes, and I’m hypoglycemic (low blood sugar).  We were both interested in that show, but the pictures were painful.

Dr. Oz commented that many of us fill our hollows with food to feel loved;  that the cheapest foods which are readily available and fill that hollow are the worst for us. 

The shocking part of the show, for me, was that he said the foods that are best for us are sometimes difficult to find in the grocery stores!  The one is particular he mentioned is “Quinoa” – which is like rice, but it is PROTEIN, contains magnesium and awesome nutrients, has a nutty flavor,…and it is GOOD FOR US! 

Obviously, I wanted some right away!  But trying to find it in small town America wasn’t easy.  It is “supposedly” on the shelf in all grocery stores…..but not here….not in my grocery store,,,they’d never even heard of it!  Not in the WalMart grocery either; and only one bag of it left at the local health food store.  Naturally I rushed to get it.   In cities there are organic grocery stores, and it is probably easily found there. 

In fact, Quinoa is SO good for us there is a new diet designed around it:   We can be healthier, and lose weight by just ADDING it to our diet.  So, I’m good to go now – have my Quinoa, the recipes are good!   What was that old saying “Try it – you’ll like it!”  Yep, you will!!


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