Posted by: cynchat | February 6, 2010

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Hottest new movie by James Cameron, has grossed more than any other film – ever!  Oprah’s interview with James Cameron was very interesting.  He said the story didn’t take long to write, but that the film took years to make so the botanical details could be authentic. They created a new language complete with dialect for the people.  A new type of technology was designed to create the “Avatars” (people of Pandora).  The creatures and graphics were astounding!  Nothing has ever been comparable to it.

[I understand there are two versions of the film.  In larger cities a 3D version with glasses plays; the one I saw wasn’t in 3D…still amazing. I desperately wanted to see it in the theatre and not wait.]

There was such beauty in that land; the people were deeply spiritual.  THEN, the white English speaking people discovered a mineral there that would be useful to them and determined to have it, no matter what the cost might be to that country and its people.

You know the story.  The tyrants invaded and destroyed everything, many people died. Of course, the highlight of the film was that the lovers ended up together.  It was all so sad and devastating.  I can’t say I really “enjoyed” the movie, except for the glimpse of new filming technologies.  I don’t feel the need to see it again, nor to own it.  I left there with a heavy heart…..and thinking.

Thinking about Peru, the Amazon Forest, and what has gone on there just a few months ago.  The story in the movie is TRUE!

As you see, Leaders around the world, the “few” – “wealthy” – “entitled” – did the exact same thing! 

Quoting part of that article: “Weeks after bloodshed, American oil moves into Peruvian Amazon, putting rainforest, possible archeological site at risk (08/03/2009) Barely six weeks after a dozen Amazon natives were gunned down by the Peruvian Army in the oil town of Bagua for protesting the cozy relationship between Big Oil and the government of President Alan Garcia, I find myself on the banks of the Mother of God River in Salvacion, Peru, wondering if all those folks died in vain. Any day now, the bulldozers will be moving in as Texas-based Hunt Oil Company – with the full go-ahead of the Peruvian government — fires its first salvo in its assault against the million-acre pristine rainforest wilderness of the little-known and largely unexplored Amarakaeri Communal Reserve.” 

And the conclusion: “Oil development could destroy the most biodiverse part of the Amazon (08/12/2008) 688,000 square kilometers (170 million acres) of the western Amazon is under concession for oil and gas development, according to a new study published in the August 13 edition of the open-access journal PLoS ONE. The results suggest the region, which is considered by scientists to be the most biodiverse on the planet and is home to some of the world’s last uncontacted indigenous groups, is at great risk of environmental degradation.”

I feel nauseaus….did I spell that right?  Sick to my stomach, however it’s spelled.  And I didn’t hear one word about that on prime time news.  Did you?   What gives “the powerful” the right to just take whatever they want??   Where is the line drawn?

God save us!


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