Posted by: cynchat | January 31, 2010

Changing Themes-

Since the official “holiday season” is over, it’s time to change scenes here on my blog.  I’d like to think winter is over, but here in KS it probably isn’t since we usually have snow through March, and it doesn’t look much like spring until at least mid-April.  But I am certainly ready for spring!  Ready to see robins and little flowers popping through the ground.  This theme reminds me of travel, and all the beautiful places still on my “to see it” list.

Since I can’t do anything to impact politics, and since the politicians don’t seem to be getting our message….I’m just going to chill out, and continue to pray without ceasing that God will see fit to clean up the DC mess for us.

I really enjoy Twitter.  The List feature is cool.  I always check out my new followers and follow back if we have common interests, and put them on my lists.  It’s nice to be able to read tweets by categories.  I’ve been amazed how many International followers I have. 

I find I am interested in Quantum Physics.  Would really love to be able to transport myself.  I feel we are on the brink of amazing technologies that were kept secret for far too long.  The Law of Attraction – the Secret, stimulated the interests of many.  A few days ago I was researching Indigo Children, and how they are playing a roll in our evolution.  It’s all so intriguing!

I’d love to have out of body experiences and go learn things.  Do you have any experience in this area?  If so, please do tell!


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