Posted by: cynchat | January 24, 2010

Stimulus –

So now the president is concerned about jobs.  My guess is that unemployment is actually well over 20%, adding the old ones, the new ones, and those completed and given up.  The earlier stimulus didn’t do alot to create new jobs and stir the economy.  Putting the stimulus funds into the hands of the assailants at the top didn’t create a trickle down.

What IF, perhaps, the stimulus could go to the “people” who need it… those abused by the entities who created the situation?  Think about this….there are 308 million citizens in the US now…and let’s say 200 million are 18 & over.  If everyone were given $1 million each and told to pay off debt and buy an American made vehicle….that would be much cheaper than the earlier stimulus billions…and WOULD stimulate jobs and the economy!

With the rest of our money we could buy houses, invest in new technologies, and be on our way to recovery since we’re stimulating businesses. 

This seems so simple to me!   So, what do you think?


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