Posted by: cynchat | January 21, 2010

Just My Opinion –

Scott Brown was elected because he’s a “fresh face” and indicates he intends to represent “the people.”  Nothing to do with party.  I really think congress will be surprised to learn that when it’s their turn.  The pink slips just confused them; they didn’t seem to understand what the people want.  What we SEE is top heavy!  And again, congress gave themselves raises, around $5,000. but there is NO cost of living increase for social security recipients.  The letter said the cost of living didn’t go up.  But our premiums did.   Too many already wealthy are receiving huge amounts, while the struggling receive less and less.   Banks have excess fund now!

It upsets me to hear our President saying we have no constitution; that we are not a Christian nation.  I voted for him as the “fresh face” – expecting him to be the People’s President… stop giving to the wealthy and assist the middle class and poor people.  He listened to the people’s desires and we felt he was concerned.  Yes, he stepped into office with huge problems in our country.  So what happened to transparency?  I’m still searching for “real” news online rather than on the news channels.  Jesse Venture’s investigations are presenting scary truths; Dr. Steven Greer presented the scientific truth to Obama after inauguration and allowed him a year to be the one to present truth to the people.  A year has passed, So Dr. Greer  is proceeding with bringing forth secret technologies and information that has been held secret for decades. 

Lots of info at  You may be shocked!

We the people aren’t as stupid as some would prefer.  We KNOW that NESARA was signed into law by Clinton in 2000 – to correct the illegal secret activities of congress earlier.  This is just one of  many sites where you can read about Nesara.  It’s already law, they just aren’t announcing it! 

Some reports indicated that Osama Bin Laden is dead.  He supposedly died of kidney failure at Mayo Hospital and his  family was occupying the whole top floor while he was being treated.  But   IF he is “possibly” still alive we fear terrorists, and Homeland Security can “protect” us.  FEAR=False Evidence Apprearing Real. 

Personally, I’d like to see ALL politicians replaced.  They have all been there too long, become complacent, created their own aristocracy with huge benefits that keep growing.  They don’t even read the bills!  Most recently they “accidentally” gave the whole state of South Dakota back to the indians, then left for two weeks off.  Obama signed it. Then someone realized the mistake.     Oh, what to do now?

I suggest:

Transparency – We CAN understand and do know how to think.

Term Limits for Congress – They should be public servants.

Eliminate All Existing Perks – They work FOR us – WE are the employer.  No life long income and benefits.

Reduce Wages – So they are more in line with “The People” …like average income plus expenses should be adequate.

Eliminate Lobbyists – They don’t represent the general public, just the special interests and pay for votes to benefit the wealthy.

Announce NESARA – NOW!


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