Posted by: cynchat | December 31, 2009

Christmas Past –

We had a White Christmas here in Kansas.  Counted our many blessings, and enjoyed the relatives who could get here.  My son from NE didn’t make it but they had 17 inches of blowing snow over ice, so we were grateful to know he was safely inside, warmed and filled.  We’ll look forward to that visit on a clear day in the near future.

Holidays always bring mixed emotions, as we count our blessings and yet feel deep compassion and sadness for those less fortunate.  We help as we can and pray for greater abundance for all.

Am starting now to “Countdown to New Year’s” in NYC Time Square.  The lights are always so pretty and it’s fun to watch on TV.

I’ve tweeted some links discussing New Year’s Traditions too. I find it interesting that we derive such great pleasure from simple family traditions.

Mine has been, and will be this year too, to eat black eyed peas/beans on New Year’s Day for good luck.  I also have a little pink Austrian Crystal pig that I received as a gift and was told to rub it’s tummy on New Year’s Day also to attract good fortune.  So that is MY family tradition. 

What are your traditions?


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