Posted by: cynchat | December 9, 2009

Let’s have coffee & chat –

Only 15 days left til Christmas. What is your favorite holiday treat recipe?  What is the first memory of Christmas you have? What ideas do you have for unique gifts?

Okay, I’ll start. My earliest Christmas memory, I was 2. I was in the kitchen with Mother cooking supper. Daddy rattled a plastic Santa face at the window and really frightened me. Mother said let’s go in the living room and see if Santa has been here yet. He had left me garden tools. I was terrified that someone had been there!

When my kids were small we lived in Salida, Co. We came to KS for Thanksgiving and to bring gifts, then we stayed home for Christmas. As soon as we got back home I was ready to decorate and bake. We loved the season! We made “Tranchulas”, which doesn’t sound “holiday” but were yummy. Melt a bag of chocolate chips and a bag of butterscotch chips together, stir to blend, then stir in a large can of chinese noodles and drop by spoon onto waxed paper. When they set up I stored them in coffee cans in the fridge so they’d keep their crunch.

We opened our gifts Christmas Eve and the kids got to play late. Then we all went to bed. Santa had come in the morning and filled socks, so the kids had more new treasures.  Christmas day was our family dinner, often with friends included.

I knew when my son really liked something because he took it to bed with him.  Christmas Eve, he was pretty well covered!

Now – your turn, I’m refilling my coffee.


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